by Judy Rose –

Yes I am. This blog is for business owners who want to communicate effectively. That’s you, isn’t it?

My point is, you need to know who you’re talking to. Here are a few thoughts on how:

1. What are you trying to accomplish? A clear purpose leads to a clear message. Are you trying to make a sale? Buy something? Learn something? Convince somebody of something? Know the answer to that before you create your message.

To make sure your message lands in the right place…

2. Choose your target. Talk to the right people. When I was new to the writing business, I attended a mixer for writers. I guess I thought I’d learn something about how to find clients, which was my primary goal. Silly me. My fellow attendees were not eager to share the secrets of how to get clients – the same clients they wanted for themselves. There may be times when talking to your competition is beneficial, but it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. When you’re communicating your message to the right people, you’re much more likely to get good results.

Once you figure out who you should be talking to…

3. Put yourself in the other person’s place. You have a purpose, but what purpose does the other person have? Imagine yourself on the receiving end. Ask questions. What does she care about? What’s her point of view? What outcome would benefit her? If you can align your goals with hers, you’ve got the basis for a productive conversation.

And one final thought, especially when you’re talking to prospective customers:

4. Think like a client. Don’t assume a certain level of knowledge about your product or service. Find out what the customer already knows and then fill in necessary gaps so she fully understands what you’re talking about. Also, draw on your own experiences as a shopper. What kind of approach do you welcome? What makes you want to run the other way? Thinking like your client will help you to provide the information she wants in a way that will connect.

A clear purpose and message, aimed at the right people, and explained with clarity and empathy, will mean that the answer to “Are you talkin’ to me?” is YES.

Judy Rose
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