Whether you are a corporate leader, a family business owner or an independent consultant, you need to brand yourself. A Leader is someone who people believe in. If you are leading your family, your family needs to believe in you; but before you give them something to believe in you need to establish yourself as trustworthy, wise, and caring. So how do you establish yourself as such? A lot of people don’t even think about it. You assume that your followers or family members know that you care and that you are wise, you live in an assumption that your followers know exactly who you are. The truth is no one knows who you are unless you know first who you are and communicate it to them.

Research shows that 75% of employees are unhappy at their jobs. If they took the time to define who they are and set their goals, they will start to find their jobs more meaningful and be happier doing it. As the job becomes only a step in achieving their dream.

Everyone has a brand, but is it the brand you want?

So many people that carry a personal brand that they absolutely hate, live their lives in misery and wonder why people think of them in a bad way. Why did God give them this brand? And why them! Well God didn’t give you any brand, you created it! Your brand is what you communicate to people about yourself, and in order to change your brand you must first  change yourself. Don’t leave it up to people to think about you whatever they want, you set the strategy to make them think exactly what you want them to think!

Even though we know that “what people think of you, is none of your business” but that absolutely does not apply in personal branding. In branding, what people think of you is what you define, plan and communicate. Now some people might not like your brand, but it’s who you are and you should not care if they don’t like what you stand for. Nevertheless; they should know exactly what you stand for as you planned it.

When you define and communicate your brand and what you stand for, most people will help you achieve your goals because they believe in you and they believe that you are meant for it.

Keep in mind that Branding is not showing how great you are, it’s showing what you find great.

So here are four key points why you need a personal brand:

  1. To better understand and lead yourself
  2. To be more effective in your job
  3. To achieve your goals
  4. To position yourself the way you like among people

By Nour Tarzi