–by Trina Fleming

NAWBO-OC has been celebrating remarkable women for 20 years! This year the organization will host its 20th Annual Remarkable Women Awards Dinner, a signature event which will honor three particularly remarkable women for their successes as entrepreneurs in Orange County. This 20th event will be made even more special since honorees from the past 19 years will also be spotlighted.

I think that NAWBO-OC is an organization filled with remarkable women and that almost any member could take the stage with an extraordinary story worthy of notice. NAWBO-OC members have taken over businesses because of the death of a spouse; they have struggled as single mothers to run a successful business in order to keep a roof over the heads of their families; they have gone without vacation, without help, and without sleep.

When we come together once a month at our Networking Dinners, everyone is dressed up. We have on our fancy heels and carry our fashionable bags. We toast with glasses of wine, catch up with friends, applaud success, learn together, exchange business cards, and make new acquaintances. Then we leave and get down to business. It is not at these monthly encounters where I learn about how remarkable my fellow NAWBO-OC members are. It is when I meet with other members one-on-one or in smaller groups that I am often left in awe by the stories I hear.

One of the most recent stories I heard was of a business owner who was back in her office twelve days after delivering her son, breastfeeding as she interviewed two prospective employees, building her business with drive and determination. I am in awe of remarkable women who do remarkable things.

If you have attended a NAWBO-OC Remarkable Women Awards Dinner, I know that I will see you on Thursday, May 19th as we celebrate what remarkable women do for the 20th time. But if you have never attended, I implore you to not miss this one. And while all of our stories will not be highlighted on stage, they are a big part of what makes NAWBO-OC so remarkable!

Trina FlemingTrina Fleming is the Chief Operating Officer for WHW, a non-profit organization that provides the unemployed and underemployed the skills and resources they need to get and keep a good job. Trina oversees all back office operations including Human Resources, the shaping of WHW’s brand message, development and implementation of WHW’s strategic marketing and communication activities, purchasing, organizational policies and management of WHW’s technology infrastructure and facilities as well as special projects designed to increase the organization’s capacity, efficiency and awareness in the community.