by Jane Shafron –

Like around 150 of us last month, I attended the very excellent NAWBO “PR and Marketing Panel” and it got me thinking (again) about the whole web strategy thing.

As a small business, we are in a bit of a cleft stick: we want to run with the big dogs (and share the spoils) but we just don’t have the PR and marketing budgets of our larger competitors. And competing for web traffic can be very frustrating – all the good keywords seem to have big money behind them.

But there is something that large, even national companies don’t do well — and that’s small. As far as your web strategy is concerned, small means two things: local and niche.

If a substantial part of your sales come from (or could come from) Orange County – or the adjacent counties – then you should think about a local strategy for your web marketing. Make sure that your web page and any AdWords focus on Orange County and/or some particular target cities. Update your business profile on Google Places and Bing Local – and encourage clients to review you there and on other local review sites like Yelp.

Then, think real hard about your products and develop your niche strategy. When I first started my video production company, I was too small to get noticed for video production. So I decided to target a few niches that I intended to serve. One of them was video biography – life story documentaries celebrating older family members. And today, I all but own that term (Google it if you don’t believe me)!

Like I said, the smaller you go the more you grow.

Jane Shafron
Jane Shafron
(Ambassador NAWBO-OC) is the owner of Your Story Here Video Biography. She is an award winning documentary film maker creating bespoke business and personal history documentaries to help preserve personal stories and family histories for future generations.