— by Don Phravorachith

Do you ever feel like someone is out to get you?

If you have a website, you’re probably right. Here are the facts on cyber-security risk:

  • The US is highly targeted with more cyber-attacks than any other country.
  • Websites requiring consumer info (membership sites, sites with logins, or e-commerce sites) suffer 59% of attacks.
  • WordPress sites are attacked 24.1% more than all other content management system platforms. That’s why WordPress notifies you at least once a month that there are template or plugin updates for your site. When you install the updates, you can minimize attacks.

Two “must haves” for website security are SSL (secure sockets layer) and anti-virus software. Having these will help to minimize attacks on your website and protect data transfer to and from the site.

  • SSL: This adds an additional layer of security encryption which protects data transfer from visitors to your site and back. This is especially important for membership and e-commerce sites. In addition, search engines, particularly Google, give ranking boosts to sites with SSL.
  • Anti-Virus Software: This protects your site from malicious attacks. Just as you have anti-virus software for all your devices that access the Internet or e-mail, your website needs protection from hackers as well. Choose an anti-virus that will monitor, clean, and restore your site. It’s like having insurance for your home, car, or health. You’re typically safe, but should you be compromised, anti-virus will minimize your downtime and the cost of getting the site up again.

If you’re being targeted, you’re going to be attacked. Big companies like Sony and Target, even with the best cyber-security teams available, still got hacked last year. The point is, minimize your vulnerability to make it harder for security breaches to occur. To protect your online office or store, have security systems like those mentioned above to monitor your site, alert you of compromise, and clean the site should it be breached.

As they always say … better safe than sorry!

Don PhravorachithDon Phravorachith is the president of Neo Design Concepts, Inc., a Results-Driven print and digital marketing company that helps small to medium-size businesses get noticed, and get found to increase their bottom line!