Beyond E-Myth – The Course


Welcome to The Dreaming Room™

What most small business owners don’t know is that they don’t own a business!

What they own instead is probably the most difficult job in the world!

And that’s not because their “business” doesn’t work.

It’s because they, the business owner so called, does the wrong kind of work!

Years ago, I decided to do something serious about it.

I  invented The E-Myth.

And since I wrote the book on it, I decided as well to write the service at the core of it.

What I called: The E-Myth Mastery Program™

And, much to my delight tens of thousands of the readers of my landmark book, The E-Myth Revisited joined us in E-Myth Mastery.

They loved it.  And we loved it.

But, it wasn’t enough.

Rather than becoming the stalwart entrepreneurs I hope they’d become, most of our Mastery clients simply became better technicians.

Doing it, doing it,  doing it, but not doing the true entrepreneurial things I knew they had to do.

In short, they were, most of them, only interested in making their “comfort zone” more comfortable.

True entrepreneurs aren’t interested in comfort, I told them, true entrepreneurs are determined to make a big dent in the world.

True entrepreneurs are possessed with the word “great” as opposed to the word “possible.”

So, then what?

So, then what was I called to do?

Well, the good news is, I set about the journey to reinvent the world.

I decided that there was not  only a better way to achieve the result I set out to create all those years ago, but to produce an even more profound outcome for everyone who could be inspired to follow my lead.

What I  set out to do was eradicate the need for not  only coaching, but for experts.

What I set out to do as to create what  I now call: “Beyond The E-Myth: The Evolution of an Enterprise: From a Company of One to a Company of 1,000!”

Simply called, in short, “The Course!”

A 3 ½ hour visit with me, on video, describing the five simple and astonishing steps every single would be entrepreneur must take to invent, design, build, launch and grow the immutably stunning company of all time. . .

Yes, anyone, I say. . . to go far beyond anything anyone imagined could  be done, whether by them, or by anyone, to transform their world.

And not only that, but I decided to make The Course available to every single human being on earth for only $295!

Now, you, at NAWBO-OC can visit me on The Course, to blow your ever loving minds!

Just do it, Nike says.  Just do it, I’m saying to you.

And once you do, get ready for the biggest shock of your life!

The Course!

It’s here.

It‘s yours!

Love, Michael

That’s Michael E. Gerber
Chief Dreamer and
Chief Aggravator
Michael E. Gerber Companies

“Every Small Business is a School!” Michael E. Gerber