— by Dana Heyde

Like. Tweet. Post. Repeat.

Our world has morphed into one where sharing is almost a requirement. Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. We share and share and share on social media, but is there such a thing as over sharing in our professional relationships? Has the demand for constant updates to our followers conditioned us to think that there is no limit to sharing? Perhaps.

Lately, I’ve noticed a shift in the topics that new business acquaintances speak to me about. When I mentioned I was vacationing in Hawaii, an older gentleman broke into tears as he described the week he spent there several decades ago before being shipped off to combat in a war where he was a draftee. It was a touching story, but his emotional reaction was a bit awkward in a room filled with business leaders exchanging their cards. It was a classic example of over sharing.

Other notable conversation topics that might fall into the category of over sharing include drug and alcohol abuse, bodily functions, sordid gossip, and personal grooming. I really enjoy getting to know new people on a personal level, but I don’t need to know where and how much they shave.

I believe it is important that the conversations at a networking event maintain a certain level of decorum. A new networking contact isn’t a therapist. I don’t need to know absolutely everything about you.

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