Women’s Business Institute

by Kathy Dawson

What is the Women’s Business Institute? Each year WBI has the privilege of working with Corporate Partners and Individuals that are interested in giving scholarships as well as funds to NAWBO-OC (National Association Women Business Owners) members.

The WBI mission is to support NAWBO education programs that address the educational needs of women business owners in Orange County. We fundraise with our corporate partners to gain funds to help educate our membership. We are a 501(c)(3) educational arm for NAWBO-OC. This allows us to get much needed funding from our sponsors who have money that they have allotted for donating to 501(c) (3)’s.

Our membership knows that there is always something new to be learned – life can provide a continuous education for those who seek it. And where can you find such women – the ones who are always looking for what’s better, smarter, more effective? NAWBO, of course!

Having the passion to continually learn makes for a very enriched life. WBI takes great pride in being part of that additional education process. We do that through our education classes, mentoring programs, and success teams – and through our scholarships – all funded with the help of corporate and individual sponsorships.

What makes this process unique is THE individuals themselves. They typically have been in their careers for a period of time and find that they want to learn and know more. They may be upgrading their expertise at a certain learning level or want to change careers altogether. One such example was last year when a member decided to go back to school to earn her MBA. She won the scholarship and will complete her MBA in 8 more weeks! She can now proceed to present herself at a higher level with her peers and clients which will have a direct effect on her ability to earn a higher wage for the services she provides.

I feel very fortunate to be involved in this truly amazing process…changing people’s lives by enriching their knowledge and capabilities to provide a higher quality of life to our members. Being part of NAWBO-OC and getting involved isn’t just about fun. It is about being with like-minded individuals who are serious about continually learning to better themselves.

Every year we are waiting on pins and needles to see who the winners will be. If you are a NAWBO-OC member in good standing and apply it could be YOU this year! Where will your career go once you treat yourself to some great old fashioned education? Happy learning! I hope to be announcing your name soon!

We are all learners in one area or another. Let’s join the economy and step it up by learning and sharing what we have learned with others this year!

Kathy Dawson
Kathy Dawson has enjoyed over 31 years of staffing experience in the United States with Orange County California and the West being her focus. She is a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) and runs Dawson & Dawson, Inc., a boutique executive search & staffing firm that serves her many local and national clients.