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I have been part of the mentoring program since March and my business has doubled in the last six months!! The month of August was my most successful month ever since I started my Real Estate Brokerage Business and ventured on my own. Thanks to the assistance of my mentor and this program we have doubled in revenue what we did last year and continue to grow. My mentor has truly given me the tools to grow my business and make me accountable! With her mentorship and guidance we made it happen!! The Mentee Program is fantastic and everyone should be a part of it! Thank you NAWBO!

Diana Perna, MBA

Real Estate Broker/Owner, PK Real Estate & Investments

I joined the NAWBO Mentoring Program, but never expected my mentor to be such a perfect fit for me. When I first met my mentor, I felt like I was “all over the place” with little direction on which way I should go. My mentor understood exactly what the challenge was to be a woman owner in a male dominated industry. She continually gives me the strength and encouragement to be “the woman in control of my company”. Some femininity is needed in the daily operation, but the male construction worker reacts differently when the boss is sporting a dress. My mentor has given me the tools necessary to boost my abilities and talents in dealing with this and I am so grateful. She has also encouraged me not to forget the business development side and has boosted my confidence in this area. I would like to express a sincere thank you to NAWBO-OC for this wonderful mentoring program and all that it has done for me.

Janaille Golledge

Magnum Mechanical, Inc

When I applied for the NAWBO-OC Mentoring Program I had a feeling of great expectation, opportunity, excitement and enthusiasm. It has continued forth as such and grown into a group full of comradeship and empowerment. This program matched me with a personal mentor takes my learning to another level. My match was with someone who I immediately connected with. I feel truly blessed to have the guidance on a business level with a mentor whose idea’s I have taken and implemented in my business with measurable success. Beyond business success I have gained a personal peace of mind and balance in my life. As my journey continued, someone significant came into my life. Thank you to NAWBO-OC’S Mentoring Program for making this program great.

Mary Neil

Caliber Signs & Imaging, Inc.

The NAWBO-OC Mentoring Program has been one of the jewels of my NAWBO-OC membership. While taking an early morning walk on the beach, my mentor and I came up with a great idea for helping me to effectively track the progress of all the different projects I was working on. Over coffee, my mentor gave me a brilliant idea for helping me to change my narrow focus to a much bigger picture. And while meeting in my office, my mentor helped me to set up a timeline for completion of a project I have had on my “to-do” list for months. The program has been a wonderful experience in learning, sharing and growing as a business woman and as a friend.

Trina Fleming

Director of Operations and Marketing, WHW (Women Helping Women/Men2Work)

The mentoring program has been a fantastic help in shaping my business. My mentor and I clicked from the first time we met and I definitely want to thank the Program for matching me with someone who suits my personality so perfectly. I am an attorney with almost 13 years of experience in the legal field, but I only started my own practice two years ago and felt I wanted to have someone else look at my business with fresh eyes. The bi-weekly sessions have been phenomenal as we have been examining different aspects of my business and she has provided guidance in every area. I always feel I am getting a lot of information and analysis and always look forward to these sessions. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the program.

Mahyar A. Ghassemian

Attorney at Law

I want to thank NAWBO-OC for introducing me to this program and my mentor. She has taught me self-confidence, how to be a mover and shaker, and a true entrepreneur. Her advice has helped me really focus my energy on MY business. If someone is seeking a solid plan of action and direction, this program is the one for you. My mentor has taught me discipline and commitment which has exceeded my expectations. She has also given me a wealth of mentoring in my personal life and I highly value her words of wisdom and experience. I am profoundly thankful that she has taught me to measure myself not by financial or personal accolades but by being true to myself. This program has changed my life and my business forever.

Heidi Lopez

Owner, Lifeline of Southern California

The day I found out who my mentor was going to be, everyone said that I was so lucky to be matched with this incredible person and that she would make me work. Both turned out to be correct!
My mentor came into my business at a time of great change and she was able to walk me through things step-by-step so that I could handle all I needed to do. I really value her advice, her no-nonsense attitude and her appreciation for the business that I have already built. The fact that she can be my champion while also holding me accountable really works for me and I am learning a tremendous amount. I only wish my time with her didn’t have to end. The funny thing is that I was really hesitant to apply for the program–and almost didn’t do it–and it’s turned out to be one of the most significant experiences in my life.

Susan Shieldkret

Owner, The Passionate Collector

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