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By clicking below I hereby apply for membership in the National Association of Women Business Owners. When accepted, I will be entitled to all membership privileges, services, and benefits, and will support NAWBO activities. By submitting this application I agree to be bound by the bylaws of NAWBO-OC, a copy of which will be provided on request. I hereby certify that the information contained on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.


You may also download the membership form, fill it out and send it to or mail it with your check or money order to NAWBO, P. O. Box 826157, Philadelphia, PA 19182-6157

All membership is handled by the National Organization, not the local chapters.


Below are directions on renewing your membership with NAWBO-OC.

Renewals are set up the same as the previous billing period, so if you paid annually last year your renewal is annual.

If you would like to change your membership type or credit card information, please contact Suzanne Harmony at or directly.

1. You may renew your membership in several ways:

  • RENEW ONLINE: Visit and login to MY NAWBO DASHBOARD, then select the “PAY OPEN INVOICES” link.
    If you forgot your login and password, CLICK HERE.
    If there is no open invoice then please select the Join NAWBO link to reinstate your membership. There is a nonrefundable $25 charge to reinstate an account.
  • RENEW BY FAX: Fill out the payment form and fax to: NAWBO: 202-403-3788
  • RENEW BY MAIL: Fill out the payment form and mail it with check or money order to: NAWBO, P. O. Box 826157, Philadelphia, PA 19182-6157

2. If you would like to change your invoicing from annual to monthly, please fill out the Credit Card Authorization form and return to or fax to 202-403-3788, or login at and update the Recurring Payment and Payment Options online.
Please note, you must contact to adjust your invoice.