Lorna Scherff

Meet Lorna Scherff

Lorna Scherff

Who would have guessed that the statement “they’re closing the plant” coming out of my husband’s mouth regarding the loss of his executive position, could have such a huge impact on our family. This was to be the beginning of a ‘new normal’ for us, leading to business ownership and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Having had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom and part-time community volunteer for a bulk of our married life, the idea that my husband chose ME to become his business partner was quite flattering. NAWBO-OC’s website was found as a result of my search for a women’s networking group shortly after Speedpro Imaging, North OC, was born. Regrettably, it would be over a year before I finally had the courage to join after attending a New and Prospective Member’s Orientation. There came a time, though, when the reality of my business inexperience surfaced. Merely stating I was outside my comfort zone was a huge understatement! That’s when it made sense to finally give membership a try. It only seemed natural to surround myself with business-savvy women. Maybe some of it would rub off on me.

As I soon begin to enter my third year as a NAWBO-OC member, a lot has happened since that first dinner meeting when I cautiously & bravely stepped into that energized room not knowing a single soul – until I was relieved to find our friendly bankers (Marcia Evans and Wendy Nobles) in attendance. It was through a NAWBO-OC Education series of sales workshops that conveyed to me I could succeed in sales with a few common sense techniques, and by just being myself. Additional workshops and dinner speakers have brought an array of helpful subjects to my attention, and I have found my knowledge base opening up, as well as my world. Member Only Mixers have allowed me to peek into other members’ businesses and see firsthand how they do things. As an Ambassador for the Membership Committee, I have the on-going opportunity to work through my own shyness and warmly welcome those brave women that are crossing over the threshold into their first dinner meeting.

NAWBO-OC has been there for me as I develop confidence in my business endeavors, and it is the basis of wonderful friendships. What an awesome bonus!

For more information about Lorna, visit www.speedpronorthoc.com.