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Kelly Higdon

Meet Kelly Higdon

Kelly Higdon

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. And in our world, we only network with other therapists – and maybe a doctor or two. Doesn’t make sense right? Why only network with your competition? I knew there had to be more. So I was 6 weeks post partum (barely could fit into “real pants”), left my baby and husband one evening to go to a networking “thing” that began my journey into NAWBO. That night I realized, I need support and I need to learn from others. NAWBO seemed to have everything to offer, even a mentor program. No therapist networking group had that! So I signed up.

I had a new business that I had been doing part time before I had my baby and I had started another corporation on technology coaching for small business owners. My goal: don’t go back to the 9 to 5 job AND make a life that I wanted to live on my own terms.

I knew nothing about networking and it was uncomfortable at first, until I learned that these women aren’t here to compete against me, they are here to help me!  And so, here I am 1-1/2 years later. I run two businesses and still stay home part time with my daughter. I am making my life happen in the midst of a bad economy when therapists around me are dropping like flies telling me that this dream of mine can’t be done.

And of course, we all joke about how if you join you will be joining a committee. I did. I am the Associate Director for Social Media on the Membership Committee and I just signed up for the Mentor program.

Business is about being flexible and open to possibilities. To me, joining NAWBO seemed like a huge leap of faith. But with an open heart, I am learning so much from these brilliant women who are passionate about what they do. This was one of the best leaps of faith I have ever made for my business.

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