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Jane Shafron

NAWBO helping me do good, feel good and profit.

For me NAWBO-OC is about connections; women who care about me and my business, and who I can have fun with at the same time. And one of those connections gave me a lead that led me to do some good, feel good and profit.

It started with email from Lorie Eber, gerontologist and public speaker of Aging Beats the Alternative. “I’ve got a sponsorship opportunity for you,” she wrote in an email. “Chaffey College is having an art exhibition called When I’m Sixty-Four and they are looking for a company that chronicles people’s lives.” Lorie knew about my business, Your Story Here Video Biography, and knew this was a good fit as most of the people whose lives we help preserve, for their families and future generations, are over 64. And a good fit it was. I saw it as an opportunity to help the community capture and preserve the lives of 12 of its local residents. What I didn’t expect was so many fascinating stories from people who had lived through so many dramatic events in the 20th Century – the Great Depression, world wars, and social change.

So from that email from Lorie I found myself one Saturday at the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art filming short, biography videos for Chaffey College as part of their major exhibition When I’m Sixty-Four. Event publicity very helpfully said: “Join Jane Shafron, owner and founder of Your Story Here LLC. She will guide you through a short interview and preserve your life history in a professional video. All participants will be given a copy of the professional video to share with their own loved ones. Apply for a loved one, or on your own behalf.”

The event was a huge success. We captured the stories of 12 outstanding lives and created a short documentary Here I Am: Astonishing Stories from the Inland Empire.  The documentary was premiered at the exhibition. There was standing room only and the audience was enraptured with the film. The local press picked up the story and we had lots of opportunity to promote our business.

And, it all came about because of NAWBO-OC and a woman who cared enough to share an opportunity Thank you Lorie Eber. My NAWBO sister helped me to do some good, feel good and profit.

You can get more information about Jane Shafron and Your Story Here–Video Biography at www.yourstoryherehome.com.