Janaille Golledge

Meet Janaille Golledge

Janaille Golledge

I experienced a life-changing situation in December 2009. In May 2010, I was faced with becoming the President/CEO of the family construction company. My life changed and I was now a woman business owner in a male-dominated construction business. I was overwhelmed and felt a need for female business companionship. I began to search the Internet to connect with other women business owners and was intrigued with the NAWBO website. I attended the new member orientation (by myself), was impressed, and joined that evening.

After attending a few meetings and mixers I was convinced this was the organization for me. I applied for the Mentoring Program and was thrilled when I was accepted. NAWBO did a wonderful job teaming me with a very intelligent, nice, caring mentor. I was not knowledgeable about a mentor program or a life/business coach. I was apprehensive at first because I really had to be truthful about my situation and I was guarded. However, my mentor gently reached out to me thus allowing me to be myself, completely open and vulnerable. I kept asking her, “Are you sure you want to mentor me?” I was “all over the charts” in my personal and business life. My NAWBO mentor has supplied me with tools to organize, prioritize and be accountable. I realize now that I had a choice in the future of the business. I did not sell or close the business. I chose to keep the business open and be the leader. It is my livelihood, and my employees and their families rely on me.  Through the darkness I began to see light. The NAWBO organization and mentoring program truly became a changing point in my life. I found a “home” and feel a renewed sense of myself through NAWBO.

Since joining NAWBO over a year ago, I have found the women of NAWBO to be professional, caring, supportive, wonderful women who partner and support fellow women business owners to truly succeed. Every meeting, mixer and new contact in NAWBO refills my personal self being and continues to heal my soul. Through the support of NAWBO I am beginning to realize who I am and what I stand for. I am learning and growing myself and my business with the assistance of NAWBO through building relationships. The stories from the women give me the inspiration to continue on my journey both on a personal and business level. I found all of the women are passionate about their endeavors, willing to share and promote the women business network.  They believe in the well being of each and every one of us. Each of the women understands the position of a truly woman owned business.

I am proud to be a member of NAWBO and promote the organization to other women and men. Eventually I will be in a position to give back to NAWBO all and more than the organization has given to me!

Sincerely & forever – THANK YOU!

For more information about Janaille and Magnum Mechanical Inc., visit magnummechanical.com or email janaille@magnummechanical.com.