Dee Elliott

Meet Dee Elliott with Dee Elliott Consulting/DEC Mentoring

I joined NAWBO 14 years ago when my business moved to Orange County. I was told by everyone that the only organization to be in was NAWBO. Well they were correct. I have loved every minute of it, made great friends and learned so very much from all the outstanding women in this organization.

I started out on the RW Committee and then went to Membership and Corporate Partners. Each of them was a new and enlightening experience of how the organization works. In my 2nd year, the President, then Susan Johnson of Susan’s Healthy Gourmet, asked me to consider a board position and in the interview she asked me what I was passionate about. I told her about the Mentoring program that I created for another non-profit organization and how it benefited its members so much. I told her how I took my degree in Education and my sales and training experience and added that to my love for helping others and created my Mentoring Program – that is how it came to be. She was thrilled and asked me if I would bring this program to NAWBO and how much would it cost. I told her that I would give it to NAWBO-OC for free and for over a decade I have been either running the program as Mentoring Director or overseeing it as an advisor.

A couple of years ago there was interest in my Mentoring program by other NAWBO chapters who had heard about it – again because of my NAWBO sisters. That led to me selling it to them for a reduced price, of course, because they were NAWBO sisters!! A few years ago one of my fellow board members was at an account in Orange County that she does consulting with. Her name is Patti Cain-Stanley of Cain-Stanley & Associates. The company told her that they had tried to start a Mentoring program but it just didn’t work. Patti told them about mine and they called me to check it out. Well one thing led to another and in a short time, I had sold this program to the Irvine Company. The program is different for corporations and part of Dee Elliott Consulting’s due diligence is to find out what they are looking to accomplish and pattern the program to that. This way our Mentoring program can highlight and align itself with the soft skills, culture and productivity the company is looking to attain. This opportunity has led me to many other companies who are looking for a program like mine and it’s all because I gave of myself to the women of NAWBO and then got a huge gift back. Thank you NAWBO, I will always be in your debt for allowing me to do what I love – help others to see the best in themselves and then become it!

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