Christina Henderson

Meet Christina Henderson

Christina Becker Henderson 

I joined NAWBO–OC in 2008 as a young professional looking to expand my network and learn from seasoned women business owners and professionals in Orange County.  I am not a natural networker. In fact, when I first joined I would kind of hide in the bathroom during the dinner meetings because I was intimidated to put myself out there and meet new people.  I have found that my hesitations to network were easily overcome because the women of NAWBO-OC are incredibly welcoming.

After joining NAWBO–OC, I quickly joined a committee and found that was the best way to meet new people and learn from their experiences.  By serving on a committee, leadership opportunities became available and I jumped at the chance to get more involved and expand my skill set as a leader.  I started out with a chair position for 2 years and was then asked to join the Board as the VP of Programs, which is the role I hold today.  I have learned so much serving on the Board and grown both professionally and personally.

I would have never gained the professional confidence I now have had I not joined NAWBO–OC and gotten so involved.   I have gained confidence in networking and meeting new people, public speaking, and articulating my value proposition, among others.  I’ve also gained invaluable experience in serving on a board and the fiduciary responsibilities that go along with it.  I think most importantly though, I’ve gained a lot of great friends and developed relationships with women of different generations that I would not have had an opportunity to develop had it not been for NAWBO-OC.  I’ve also had wonderful mentors in NAWBO-OC who have helped guide me both professionally and personally and for that, I will be eternally grateful!

For the 2011-2012 year I was honored as NAWBO-OC’s Member of the Year.  Wow, what an amazing honor that was!  I give a lot of time and energy to NAWBO-OC but the valuable experiences and recognition I’ve been given back are much more than I ever expected.

Next year, I will be turning over the reins of Programs to a new VP and taking on a new leadership role as the chair of the Remarkable Women Awards.  I’m excited to see what the new VP of Programs does for NAWBO-OC and to see where my NAWBO-OC journey takes me next.

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