Nomination Criteria & Instructions

Nominations now open. Join us on May 19th, 2016!

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You are invited to nominate outstanding female business leaders for consideration as award winners in the categories of Lifetime Achievement, Entrepreneur to Watch, and Business Owner of the Year.

The following criteria are shared by each of the award categories:

In all categories, the nominee must be the driver of the business and is either

1. A 50% or more owner of the company


2. Founder of the company and received angel and/or venture capital, retaining 25% or more equity and is the current CEO or President.

Lifetime Achievement

A woman whose success is substantiated by at least 20 years of continuous business ownership. She may have owned one or more businesses during this time frame and currently is a majority (50% or more) owner of her company.  Her tenacity and longevity in business demonstrate her ability to overcome challenges, assume risk and survive adversity. She is well respected for her commitment to the community, her long-term business success, and her dedication to furthering other women business owners. Her business must be headquartered in or residence located in Orange County.

Entrepreneur to Watch

A woman who founded her business 5 years ago or less and is a majority owner (50% or more).  She has demonstrated exemplary entrepreneurial achievement, is a well-rounded businesswoman, a success story, and role model for others to emulate. Typically, this honoree is a member of the Orange County Chapter of NAWBO and her business must be headquartered or residence located in Orange County.

Business Owner of the Year

A woman business owner who has propelled her company to the next level of success through a significant business accomplishment in the past 12 months. She has been in her business for at least 5 years and her business is headquartered in or her residence is located in Orange County.

Instructions for How to Nominate an Honoree

Thank you for being a Nominator! Every year, individuals like you have an opportunity to recognize the achievements of a woman whom you believe has earned the right to be recognized by her community, company, customers, suppliers, peers, family, friends and you at one of the most prestigious events held in Orange County each year – The Remarkable Women Awards.  This year, think about how you will feel if your Nominee is the one selected by the Nominating Committee to be recognized!  Year after year, the Nominees have expressed their deep gratitude for even being nominated by someone like you.

Your role in this process is important.  After you have identified a prospective Nominee who fits into one of the categories in the Nomination Criteria section above, the process to nominate is very easy and is all done online!  To enhance the success of your Nominee’s application, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the information that you will need to gather about yourself and your Nominee before you begin to complete the online nomination forms. Upon submitting the forms, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive this confirmation within two business days, please contact Andrea in the NAWBO-OC office at

Honoree Nomination Checklist

To be considered, your nomination must contain the following documents upon submission in the order listed below:

-Completed nominator form
-Completed nominee form
-Bio of the nominee (one page – including professional background, community work, board positions, other information as appropriate*)
-Two letters of recommendation (Limit Two)
-Release & Authorization Form completed and signed by nominee

*NAWBO-OC will verify the information provided

Nominations are due by February 15, 2016.


Questions? Please contact or 714.632.2983