Power Partner FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Who determines which group I’m in?
    The Associate Director of Power Partners and her committee along with the Vice President of Professional Development.
  2. When do Power Partner’s meet?
    It depends on the group. This is determined at the start of every group’s 1st meeting. Those groups who are already in place have set dates/times and they are not changeable.
  3. How many members are in a group?
    Anywhere from 6-10.
  4. How long does the group last?
    12 months is the designated time period for the Power Partner program however groups that wish to continue with the same people can do so by letting the Associate Director know.
  5. Do you have to bring a referral every meeting?
    No, this will vary depending on what you have. This is not a Le Tip group but we encourage you to refer as often as possible.
  6. How do I refer to people I don’t know?
    This is why the first 3 months of the program is spent getting to know the other group members. Know, Like, Trust, Refer is the step by step process to a good referral partner. We encourage all group members to follow this.
  7. Do you have to give referrals to stay in the group?
    After the first 3 months you should be able to make referrals to your group members. These will be tracked. If you feel you can’t make referrals to your group members, you should either get into another group where you can or drop out of Power Partners.
  8. What do we do if we feel a group member is not participating in our group by either not showing up or not giving referrals?
    A person can only miss 2 meetings and then they are asked to leave the group. If they are not participating, the group leader should be told and the entire group should discuss the removal of the member from the group. If this is what they determine they want to do, the group leader talks to the Associate Director who handles that action.
  9. What if I don’t feel my group is working for me?
    You should talk to the lead of the group first to see if there is any way this can be changed. If it still does not work, you would talk to the Associate Director of the committee.
  10. Can you be on more than one group?
    Yes, after you complete your 12 months with your first group, you can apply to be on another group. Or if your group disbands, you an apply to Power Partners again. We discourage you leaving your group until you have given it at least 6 months.