Meeting & Curriculum Ideas

The following are a list of topic ideas each participant can offer at their Power Partner meeting.

Use the first several meetings to get to know each other and each others businesses.  As the Host determines the subject and has the “stage” to showcase their business, the Host should pick a topic that gives everyone the opportunity so share their businesses and focus on gaining referrals/resources.

  • Have each member introduce herself and her business and who her ideal client is
  • Tell a story about how you helped a client
  • Share information about each other’s ‘perfect referral’
  • Pair members up and have them ask each other questions to get to know the other persons business better. Have them introduce one another at the next meeting
  • Visit member’s web and social media sites, and then have questions ready for the following meeting.
  • Read the marketing materials of fellow group members companies and be ready to talk about them at the next meeting
  • Read “The Referral Engine” – a few chapters each month and discuss; reference the Referral Engine Discussion Guide for topics to discuss at the meetings.

Best Practices

  • Develop trusting relationships with fellow group members
  • Introduce members of your group at Monthly NAWBO meetings with their titles and what they do in a quick sentence
  • Stay focused. Remember the focus of Power Partners it to build relationships in order to build referrals. Each
    meeting should be centered on ways to get to know each other businesses.
  • Be Prepared.  Ask the host if there is anything needed for the next meeting.
  • Be inquisitive – ask fellow group members questions throughout the meetings
  • Create a Referral Packet (Marketing information for your referral sources)
  • Share Linked-In contacts and see how you can cross refer
  • Share Contacts from Outlook and see how you can cross refer
  • Use the topic ‘I am in a need of’ for one of your discussions
  • Conduct separate ‘One to One’ meetings with at least 4 members of the group
  • Use the following formal meeting closures:
    • What did you gain from today and what are you going to do with the information?
  • 4 months into the meeting, plan to begin asking for referrals and giving referrals
  • Conduct one social event each Power Partner ‘term’

Sample Agenda

Announcements – approximately 5 minutes
• Inform team on any NAWBO activities to come: Workshops, Mentoring, etc.
• Announce 2 month’s topics, host, time and location. Ask if there are any changes needed?
• Thanks and announce the people that referred since the last meeting. Ask if anyone was missed. Ask if there is any revenue or savings to report.

General Updates and Describe Needs – approximately 30 minutes (Everyone shares)
• How is your business going?
• What events have happened since the last meeting? (i.e. How have you
helped a customer?, Describe the type of person (referral) that could help
your business)
• Are there any resources you need to apply to your business?
• Is there someone you would like to meet to help in your business?

Topic – approximately 60 to 75 minutes (Host will have the most time, but each person should have the opportunity to share)
• What type of marketing are you doing to get customers?
• Describe your ideal client.
• How have you helped your customer?
• For more examples, see suggested topics/curriculum on the Power Partners website and Referral Engine Discussion Guide

Close and final Questions – approximately 10 minutes
• Closing remarks
• Remind the next host to email the group if any preparation is needed based on the topic.