Business Development

The focus of NAWBO-OC Business Development is to encourage the business exchange of members.  Current initiatives are:

Shop NAWBO Rewards incentivizes NAWBO-OC members to do business together and provide quality referrals.  Only NAWBO-OC members who are purchasing products and services and providing quality referrals are eligible to participate in the program.

Know & Show Your Number recognizes the value that NAWBO-OC brings to your business, by putting a number to the amount of business we are doing with each other. Not only does NAWBO-OC provide you with tools to become more confident and skills to grow your business, our culture is to “shop” with each other. During the monthly dinners, members will be asked to record their sales from other NAWBO-OC members (or sales resulting from referrals from NAWBO-OC members) and, together, display those numbers to the group while doing the “Money March”.