Giving Enriches the Giver

by Rachel Owens – March has brought me a surprise. Out of the blue, I have been selected by the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce to be recognized as a Difference Maker in the Orange county business community. This kind … MORE


by Judy Rose – Don’t you love those Internet articles that offer tips? They’re easy to read and a quick way to get some good ideas. Yeah, I’m a sucker for 10 Profit-Boosting Tricks that are Probably Legal, 25 Motivational … MORE

Retirement Savings Strategies for Women Business Owners

by Loreen Gilbert – On average, women earn 77% of what men make, and therefore need to work 11 more years just to catch up with a man’s earnings; and the current reality is that women end up working five … MORE

Becoming a Great Employer: Listening

By Eileen Lenson, MSW, ACSW – As business leaders, we constantly attempt to motivate our employees in the hope of increasing cooperation, productivity, and commitment. So why don’t the intricate training programs, expensive reward programs, or day-long workshops we set … MORE