Add Estate Planning To Your List of Resolutions This Year

by Darlynn Morgan – While many people focus on getting out of debt or getting organized for the New Year, estate planning is an equally important personal finance goal that should make every adult’s to-do list. That’s simply because getting … MORE

Resolutions or Resolute? Will you fill your New Year with Resolutions or Resolution?

By Kimberly Gerber – Happy New Year! Time for a fresh start, a new chapter — time for making resolutions! Or not! What if, instead of making resolutions to do “more” or be “better” you simply chose to be resolute? … MORE

Join a Committee and See the World

by Judy Rose – There used to be an old Navy recruiting slogan: Join the Navy and See the World. I guess a lot of people signed up. Who wouldn’t want to see the world? Well, there’s a world of … MORE

To Mentor or Not That is the Question

by Rachel Owens – Each year, as the request for mentors arrives on my desk from NAWBO’s mentoring committee, I take a step back to reflect on my effectiveness as a mentor over the last eight years. I reflect on … MORE