My 20+ Years With NAWBO: Why I’ve Stayed

by Rachel Owens – I am constantly being asked why I have been a member of NAWBO for more than 20 years.  The answer is clear. I get more value for my membership than the annual fee.  What kind of … MORE

What Would You Like To Read?

by Kimberly Rodgers – Recently Andy Rooney retired from 60 Minutes.  He discussed how he started doing commentaries and where he found ideas week after week that not only filled his time slot but more importantly, interested his listeners. Rooney … MORE

Passion and Perseverance

by Eileen Lenson – The personal journeys to success shared by the exemplary honorees at the 2011 NAWBO-OC Remarkable Women Awards dinner, had in common the themes of passion and perseverance.  But what is the connection between passion, perseverance, and … MORE

The Entrepreneur and Her Personal Legal Advisor – It’s Not Just About Lawsuits Anymore

by Darlynn Morgan – Starting and running your own business requires you to be something of a gambler. Regardless of how much you plan, nothing is certain except that at least some of the million things you think can go … MORE

It’s Not Just About Networking

by Judy Rose – Are you getting the most out of NAWBO? People typically think of NAWBO as a networking organization, and they’re right. NAWBO networking is great! Dinner meetings, Members-Only Mixers, and special events scattered throughout the year are … MORE