Using Your Moral Compass

by Eileen Lenson – Years ago, the hospital administrator of a psychiatric hospital asked me, a psychotherapist, to provide therapy to a newly admitted patient with chemical dependency issues. But there was a catch! I was instructed to falsify my … MORE

Creating Powerful Teams

by Alexandra Kaplan – What is the difference between a group and a powerful team? Is it Talent? Ability? Equipment? Training? Experience? There are numerous examples in sports where people of tremendous talent have been brought together and called a … MORE

Values: Haves and Have-Nots 2011 Part II

by Shaila Rao Mistry – The change in values and work ethic in the employment pool has been hard on small businesses. The effects are particularly arduous because these businesses are owned by real people who create jobs and grow … MORE

The Jackpot

by Judy Rose – (Our bloggers are on vacation or busy with clients this week. We hope you enjoy this encore presentation of a blog Judy wrote for OC Metro in May 2009) Why do I love penny slot machines? … MORE