I Am Here For You

–by Dana Heyde “I am here for you.” Has anyone ever said that to you? In moments of personal crisis, it’s a statement that can calm you. In matters of business, it’s a statement I have rarely heard. The logistical … MORE

Top 3 Ways to Prevent a Devastating Wage and Hour Claim

— by Colleen McCarthy Wage and hour lawsuits are a growing problem for California employers. The most common wage and hour claims in California are for unpaid overtime, missed meal and rest periods, off-the-clock work, and misclassification as exempt employees … MORE

Could I Offer More?

— By Dana Heyde Is it better to serve a small niche or to offer comprehensive services? I have found in my practice that more often than not, specialties overlap, and that my clients are better served by my knowledge … MORE

The E-mail Mystery

— by Michelle Beauchamp Have you been as frustrated as I have with the lack of replies when you send e-mails? What happens to them? They’re like socks that disappear in the dryer. I recently sent several e-mails to promote … MORE

Houston … We Have a Problem!

— By Trina Fleming The challenge that President John F. Kennedy issued on May 25, 1961 put into motion one of the most amazing feats in history. Before the decade was done, the three year old National Aeronautics and Space … MORE

Finding the Right Fit

— by Dana Heyde It is said that people will only get out of an organization what they put into it. Knowing that, when I first joined NAWBO-OC, I was eager to do more than just attend the monthly dinner. … MORE

Quality Referrals

— by Judy Rose Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just sit back while referrals come pouring in? You’d be so busy you’d have to turn people away, or tell them to get in line. “Maybe I can take care of … MORE

What Insurance Do You Need, and Why?

— by Cathy Daugherty After more than 20 years in the insurance industry, and 15+ as a NAWBO member, I’ve gained a lot of insight by watching the industry, listening to clients, talking to legislators, and devoting thousands of hours … MORE

The Power Of A Compliment

— by Dana Heyde Everyone loves a compliment. I know I do! So I enjoy it when I’m able to introduce two of my favorite people to each other. I never introduce them by name only. Instead, I bolster the … MORE

Impending Increases to Minimum Wage and the Impact on Your Business

— By Colleen McCarthy, Esq. and Brenna Johnson, Esq. Since 2014, at least 21 states and the District of Columbia have seen a pay increase for those earning minimum wage. Organized labor and other groups are calling for a nationwide … MORE