December 14, 2017


All too often business owners perceive “fun” in the workplace as an invitation to mess around. If implemented in the right way however, both the company and its employees will profit from the benefits. As a business owner, I have seen success in many different areas because of the attitudes and relationships that are built while being home to a fun work environment. If we don’t slow down and take a minute to stop and smell the roses occasionally it is all too easy to get lost in the commotion.


Finding A Balance

Finding a balance between fun and focus is the key. The atmosphere of a business should reflect the company. If self-expression and collaboration with peers is important to your business culture, it should be encouraged. Using creative ways to open new channels of communication, adding fun incentives, and keeping the work environment light hearted may be just what your staff needs to improve productivity. You’ll find that the atmosphere of a fun workplace has a distinguishable feeling of energetic, enthusiastic, genuinely happy employees.



Aside from your staff’s regular day to day responsibilities, there may be other areas at work that need attention. Making a monotonous exercise more exciting will yield better responses. Fun at work doesn’t mean any time must be taken away from the tasks of the work week. Simply implementing new activities or different ways of doing something can help to keep employees refreshed. Teamwork exercises and rewards for performance encourage communication, relieve stress and help to resolve little issues between peers.


What to Expect From this

Having fun effectively improves employee attitudes and is proven to increase retention, build trust and stimulate imagination and creativity. Having an enjoyable time at work will allow your staff to feel good about themselves and the work they do. They are going to work better, learn more, and stay longer in a healthy environment where they feel appreciated. We have seen improvements in almost every area of work including:


  •         Productivity / Performance
  •         Customer Service
  •         Innovation
  •         Communication / Teamwork
  •         Motivation
  •         Reduced Stress
  •         Problem Solving
  •         Job Satisfaction


Fun and success go hand in hand. Great workplaces thrive when their employees are invested in their work and are having fun doing what they do.

Description : Tiffany Brown started WOW! Events in 2003 with a goal to produce spectacular events for clients of all sizes and budgets. She pulled together a highly experienced team of event producers who are the best in the business. Together, the WOW! team has over 50 years of experience producing events that WOW! their clients and their guests. WOW! Events provides a customized service for each client to help in any area of event planning, doing as little or as much as needed from each client.