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President’s Message

July, 2016

Elisabeth Camaur

Elisabeth Camaur, NAWBO-OC President

NAWBO-OC, I am honored that you have entrusted me this year to lead you on our Vision. Our vision is that every woman business owner thrives.
This vision is the basis and the sole purpose of the National Association of Women Business Owners. We are a women’s business advocacy group.
And, we are dedicated to the success of women business owners. Whether a newly started home based business or a worldwide corporation of thousands of employees, we all share a call to greatness as entrepreneurs that is deep inside the hearts of each one of you.

And, NAWBO-OC is your safe place. This is your safe place where you have other women going through the same experience and want to see you succeed.
And as independent women, we feel the need to prove we can do this… but we don’t have to do it alone. The highest level of a relationship where you are the most effective is interdependence. To be the most effective, you must be able to move from insisting on doing all yourself in your lonely business to knowing who to trust and who will support you.

And, that’s NAWBO-OC. We are your advocates. And, we have the proven track record that our support leads to success.

Nationwide, only about 4 % of women business owners gross a million or more… but among NAWBO members about 24% of the women business owners gross over a million. And, we want that number to grow. We want more than 24% to be grossing over 10 million and 90% to be grossing over 1 million.

Unfortunately, most women business owners gross less than $250,000 and many go out of business the first two years after they started. Many feel alone and tired.

As President of NAWBO-OC, I do not want to see another woman business owner shut her doors. She is not alone. We are here for her.

NAWBO-OC provides the information, resources and environment for her to succeed. With so many women business owners supporting each other, success is so much easier.

Every woman business owner in Orange County should make it part of her strategic business plan to join NAWBO-OC.

A recent census found that there are about 112,000 women business owners is Orange County. All 112,000 of us need to join together for our vision of success.

This year we are accelerating and revamping many of our programs to focus more on our members’ challenges. We want our members to speak up and let us know where they have struggles so we can provide programs to help them succeed. We want to turn those problems into opportunities to evolve into greatness.

The message I want each and every one of you to have is that our focus is on the woman business owner’s success.

I want to thank all of you for this opportunity. I appreciate the enormous support you have provided me. Your new NAWBO-OC board of directors means business. We are upping our game for the success of women business owners.