Public Policy

NAWBO-OC is the largest NAWBO chapter in California. We have an important role to play in the shaping of legislation and policy made in Sacramento. Legislation that affects all of us in our daily business life on such issues as Workman’s Compensation, taxation, healthcare and corporate regulation and employment laws.

What We Do

The Public Policy Director for our chapter is active on our behalf in the following:

  • Closely following upcoming legislation in Sacramento
  • Providing our input and recommendations to politicians and law makers
  • Lobbying our legislators in Sacramento and in our districts
  • Attending key events to present the perspectives of women business owners
  • Pioneering new legislation such as Universal Certification, designed to make it easier for women business owners to do business
  • NAWBO California and its chapters take strategic stands on the latest legislative issues affecting women business owners. The annual Public Policy Summit is a two day education conference in Sacramento each spring. For more information visit:
  • Representation in Washington through NAWBO National ( To learn more about public policy at the national NAWBO level visit the Legislative Action Center
  • International representation through numerous global platforms

What You Can Do

On a daily basis, decisions are made in Sacramento and Washington which have a direct impact on our businesses. Without a voice, these decisions are made without taking into account the needs and wants of women business owners throughout the state. We need to stand together to educate and lead decision-making so that our representatives in Sacramento help, not hinder, our businesses.

Please join us so that we may be heard. We need your involvement to strengthen our chapter’s efforts. As a business owner you play a key role, and you can participate in all of the above.

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2016 Ratified Bylaws

Aneeta Kumar


Aneeta Kumar
Kumar & Gerchick, Insurance Coverage Attorneys
NAWBO-OC Vice President of Community Relations