Education Committee Members

We applaud our Education Committee who enthusiastically and energetically pool their time and talents to skillfully plan and support dynamic workshops for the members of NAWBO-OC and the local community.

Olivia Daye

Olivia Daye Committee Member

Olivia Daye, Associate Director of Education – Select Planning Cell 949-231-9366 Office (949)743-2512 Olivia Daye has been an Independent Agent for 8 years. Born and raised in France, she moved to Southern California about 15 years ago, and has remained ever since. Olivia offers supplemental insurance to individuals, families and companies. Her programs provide a safety net for out of pocket expenses that major medical does not cover, such as deductibles, loss of income, or reimbursements for cancer testing and treatment. Make sure your family’s health is supplemental.


Debbie Tran,  Committee Member –

Luisa Thiel - Advanced Infection Solutions CEO, NAWBO OC Power Partner Committee Member

Luisa Thiel – Education Committee

Luisa Lander-Thiel – Committee Member 
Advanced Infection Solutions – CEO

Luisa Thiel was a massage therapist when her daughter was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Like any mother interested in supporting her child, Luisa made it a mission to learn everything she could about how to create a lifestyle that would be healthy, nurturing, and natural to strengthen her child’s immune system. The more she learned, the more enthusiastic she became about holistic products and practices that help people to thrive. Luisa realized that we also need to protect the indoor living environment from germs, pollutants, and toxins that surround us which negatively impacting our health and well-being.

She learned about a process that could safely reduce allergens, pathogens, and chemical pollutants from touch surfaces and the air, which fit perfectly with the holistic, hygienic, green philosophy and goals she held. So Luisa started her company, ADVANCED INFECTION SOLUTIONS. Applicable for hotels, gyms, medical facilities, long-term care facilities, and many other locations, the nontoxic ADVANCED INFECTION SOLUTIONS process protects indoor environments by eliminating most odors, germs, pollution, and mold – which can help people like Luisa’s daughter, and customers your business serves.

Cindy Logan,  Committee Member –

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JJ San Jose – VP of Professional Development

JJ San Jose – Vice President of Professional Development President, Appreciating RE (714) 657-3853

JJ San Jose is a native Californian who enjoys various aspects in real estate. This entrepreneur takes pride in helping people build their nest egg: IRA, 401k or increase their passive income by investing in real estate. She also enjoys working with sellers, Realtors and other real estate professionals looking to off load their properties quickly and seamlessly. As President of Appreciating RE, JJ’s comprehension of business structure at a departmental and corporate level has helped her build a successful system that manages a growing business with local and “virtual” team members. She currently presents at several organizations on how systems can benefit in their businesses usually in the real estate field and shares her experience as a real estate investor. She also co-founded Women’s Investment Network (WIN), an educational forum specializing in giving a hand-UP to ladies seeking financial freedom through real estate investing.