by Cathy Daugherty –

2014 promises to be very interesting. As we pass the ‘honeymoon’ stage of our New Year’s Goals, we need to compare our expectations with reality. Often we find that the list of goals we put together at the beginning of the year doesn’t really address what’s best for us and our businesses.

Here are a few things you should consider that may not be on your list:

  • Congratulate yourself for your successes. I am pleased with my final 2013 numbers and will pat myself on the back.
  • Review what kind of support you need to grow personally and in your business. NAWBO-OC is beginning the Mentoring and Education programs. You might look there for great resources.
  • Don’t neglect your health. Mammograms ladies!

We all know that we will be putting a lot of work into this year, but pay attention to whether you are working ‘smart not hard.’ Taking care of ourselves, having a well-balanced life, and truly utilizing all the tools available are great ways to match up expectations and reality.

The year is still young, but so far, my company has moved from an old server to the Cloud (good but painful), my husband and I have finished remodeling our Kauai condo, and I’ve completed two new certifications for my industry (50+ hours). We are helping our clients and friends muddle through the Affordable Care Act first quarter challenges. That’s a good start and I’m feeling optimistic about what the rest of 2014 holds. None of this was on my ‘Goal List’ but it matches perfectly with the reality of business and life.

Cathy Daugherty
Cathy Daugherty is a partner at Moore Benefits Inc., a full service employee benefits consulting firm. Her company is certified in the Covered California Exchange Cathy is a 20-year veteran of the insurance industry and holds the Health Insurance Professional (HIP) Designation. She is also a past president of NAWBO-OC.