May 2012

Maureen’s Brags

Dee Elliott, King Relocation Services just sold and closed the largest housing foundation remodel business in Los Angeles County. She and her company will move out 132 tenants for building remodel and then move them back to their new and improved Apartments.

Lisa Gallagher President & CEO, Abriza Intelligent Home Care announces the commercial launch of its home management platform. This software-enabled solution has been under development for 1 1/2 years funded by Lisa Gallagher. The solution solves home maintenance and home repair once and for all by combining a network of contractors, Home Health Report and Home Profile together in a way that saves homeowners time and money. By bundling maintenance tasks together that are typically sold separately, homeowners can pay $100′s of dollars less per service.

Karen Gifford, Founder and Principal of Gifford Management & Leadership Coaching, celebrates the 25th Anniversary of launching her business. She began her business providing outsourced sales and marketing executives for fast-growing, technology and entertainment companies incorporating coaching and mentoring methods from the beginning and using a business model that was built on nearly 100% referral from happy clients and trusted resources.