Success Teams

NAWBO-OC has extended our educational and developmental programs by offering SUCCESS Teams a form of Mastermind Group to complement our mentoring and business training curriculum. Unlike other programs of this type, we offer this to members without restriction on company earnings, at a fraction the price of other programs.

A SUCCESS Team is a group of 8-10 business owners who meet regularly, to use their combined knowledge, experience, and energy to support each other’s business success. Each group is facilitated by a trained and experienced business coach and will meet twice per month, once in person and once via conference call.

To join a mastermind group or be a facilitator, call us to today at (714) 657-3853. We will start up in early 2015.

JJ San Jose - AppreciatingRE President,

JJ San Jose – VP of Professional Development

JJ San Jose – Vice President of Professional Development
President, Appreciating RE

JJ San Jose is a native Californian who enjoys various aspects in real estate. This entrepreneur takes pride in helping people build their nest egg: IRA, 401k or increase their passive income by investing in real estate. She also enjoys working with sellers, Realtors and other real estate professionals looking to off load their properties quickly and seamlessly. As President of Appreciating RE, JJ’s comprehension of business structure at a departmental and corporate level has helped her build a successful system that manages a growing business with local and “virtual” team members. She currently presents at several organizations on how systems can benefit in their businesses usually in the real estate field and shares her experience as a real estate investor. She also co-founded Women’s Investment Network (WIN), an educational forum specializing in giving a hand-UP to ladies seeking financial freedom through real estate investing.

Sandra Cramer
Intersect Coaching

Former Facilitators

Maureen Rhyne, Ph.D.
President, Heritage Associates, Inc.
Certified Professional Coach
Past President NAWBO-OC

Maureen Rhyne, Ph.D., President Heritage Associates, Inc.,  is a Consulting Psychologist and Certified Professional Coach specializing in leadership development, strategic planning, transformation and culture change, facilitation and team building. Her passion is working with companies and individuals who are in pursuit of excellence, both at the organizational and individual level. She has a strong track record in working with seasoned leaders, those identified with high potential and also intervening with technically gifted professionals who may be having difficulty in their non-technical responsibilities.  Maureen is the immediate past president of NAWBO-OC, has been on the board for four years and has served as a mentor in NAWBO-OC’s mentoring program.

Moty Koppes, MA, MCC, PMC
Master Certified Coach
Professional Mentor Coach
Moty Koppes has lived and worked in North America, Europe and Far East.  Her extensive multi-cultural experience uniquely qualifies her as a prodigious coach, counselor, therapist, communicator, educator and linguist. Moty’s passion is to work with women from inside out, enabling them to actualize their full potential. Through self-awareness, discovery and behavioral modification, Moty empowers individuals to boldly move forward and to live rich and rewarding lives, often in new and challenging environments. Her training as psychological therapist adds an uncommon dimension to her coaching methodology.

Nahid CasazzaNahid Casazza, MBA
Founder, Aspyrre Professional Coaching Services

Nahid works with business leaders in three key areas:  (1) to drive organizational change, (2) to develop strong interpersonal skills, and (3) to navigate professional transitions.  Nahid served as the President of the International Coach Federation, Orange County Chapter in 2007.  From 2006 through 2008, she led the development of the Success Team Program at where members work together in professionally facilitated groups to accelerate their business success.  In addition to her work with business leaders, Nahid has been running the Aspyrre Community, a high value group program for professionals who want to take control of their own learning and development and get to a new level of effectiveness, in business and in life.

Why Should You Plan to Join a Success Team?

  • You articulate your goals to the group which keeps you focused and accountable
  • You get multiple perspectives so you can make better decisions faster
  • You get your “answers” questioned which provides a reality check and helps you avoid pitfalls
  • You get insight into issues you have not encountered yet so can be proactive and prepared
  • You get the synergy of working with a team which is naturally motivating


“I joined the Success Team right after becoming a member of NAWBO. It was one of my best decisions. I experienced tremendous growth and support both personally and professionally. One of the unexpected side benefits were the wonderful friendships that naturally resulted. I felt it so essential that I participated a second time as well!”       Denise Konte, Konte Media

“I have participated in 3 of the past Success Teams, & I am definitely signing up for the next one in 2012. As the entrepreneur of my business commencing in 2007, the Success Team has been one of my most cherished, professionally beneficial & personally valuable business activities. In addition, the confidentially-based camaraderie that is developed & honed creates friendships ‘in common’ on many levels that endures with time. I highly recommend this awesome opportunity within NAWBO, & consider my involvement in this collaborative effort of catalytic growth & sustainment as one of the best decisions I have made.”                                                                                                                                                      Kari Buist-Baker Founder & CEO, Senior Life Management                                                                                                                                                      “What I like about the Success Team is that we can bounce ideas off each other and come up with a variety of resolutions. It was instrumental in coming up with a marketing phrase for my business, and I could contribute to their financial questions. It was a win win for everyone on the team.”                                                                                                                                                Chris Lange, Farmers and Merchants Bank