Power Partners

Member Benefit Description

The Power Partners program was developed to help NAWBO-OC members optimize their ability to do business together and to make meaningful introductions and referrals for other members. Power Partners enables members to connect with noncompeting, synergistic business owners in a small environment (typically 7-10 members). Members then network and learn more about each other and their businesses in order to leverage and refer each other for mutual selling success. The program is designed to help members meet the contacts that are in their ideal clients’ Center of Influence and therefore ultimately increase their referrals and business opportunities. When participants were asked, “what did you gain from this opportunity”, one member shared: “What I love about Power Partners is the focus on how to ask better questions of referral sources for mutual benefit, and getting to know people on a deeper level than is possible at monthly dinner meetings. I love the small group format.”

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Member Policies

    • Member must be in ‘active’ standing to join the Power Partners program.
    • Member must complete and submit an application form prior to being assigned to a group.
    • Member must commit to attend monthly meetings for a period of 12 months, with 2 or less absences during this period
    • Member will email the group in advance if they will miss a meeting.
    • Any desired changes to group members (additions/removals) will to be presented to Associate Director through the team leader.
    • All group member changes must be voted on by a majority of the group members and results reported to the Power Partner Associate Director
    • Group members agree to:
      • Be an active group participant
      • Help develop fellow member’s business through referrals
      • Not miss more than 2 meeting and provide ample notice when doing so

Group Procedures

      • Group meetings should occur on a monthly basis for 2 hours per meeting per month
      • Each group needs to assign a team leader
      • The group team leader:
        • Builds, maintains, and distributes group roster (to team and committee chair)
        • Insures group has meetings and topics scheduled for the 12 month period
        • Acts as liaison between group and Power Partners Associate Director
        • Provides One-sheets of all members to any new members joining group prior to their attending.
        • Should track referrals to one and other to report to Associate Director monthly
      • Each member
        • Should take a turn ‘hosting’ a meeting. Ideally, meetings should be held in an agreed central location.  If a team decides to alternate between members’ offices or place of business, it is suggested that teams know about 2 months in advance to ensure attendance.
        • Who hosts chooses and shares the topic for the meeting prior to the meeting date
        • Who hosts provides light snacks for the group, including water
        • Should develop a one page information sheet (One-Sheet) about their business to give to future new members of the group.
      • Each new member who joins the group
        • Is responsible for getting to know each member by reviewing their One-Sheet or meeting with them individually prior to attending a group meeting. This process will allow the group to go forward with their planned agenda without stopping the group to bring the new member up to speed.
        • Is responsible for providing a One-sheet to the other members of the group at her first meeting.

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