Minimum Wage Increase as of July 1, 2014 – Hidden Costs for Employers

by Brenna Johnson – On July 1st of this year California’s minimum wage rose from $8.00 an hour to $9.00 an hour. And on Jan. 1, 2016, the minimum wage will climb even higher, to $10.00 an hour. This has legal … MORE

Be True to Your Own Vision

by Judy Rose  – When you’re contemplating starting a business, you need to work out a myriad of details. But before the nuts and bolts can fall into place, you need a vision. When you think about your business, what does … MORE

Business Travel to Philly (The Nation’s Best Kept Secret!)

by Kathy Dawson  – PHILADELPHIA????? Hold on to your hats as I share some tips on taking a trip through our American heritage. The history lessons I learned so many years ago came to life last week. Our country has just … MORE

What’s Even Worse Than Divorce? The Taxes

by Penny Fox – Among the many consequences of divorce are some potentially significant tax issues, especially for couples who are relatively well-off. Here are the most important things to know about splitting up assets between soon-to-be-exes. State law is key … MORE

Get Your Documentation In Order

by Cathy Daugherty – WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is contacting hundreds of thousands of people with subsidized health insurance to resolve questions about their eligibility, as consumer advocates express concern that many will be required to repay some or all … MORE

Over Commit and Under Deliver…the Death of Customer Service

by Trina Fleming – One Thursday recently I took my car to an auto repair shop for some minor repairs and decided to spend a couple of hours in the service waiting room using their free air conditioning and Wi-Fi. After … MORE

Safe Sun

by Sue Parks – Hi Everyone! It is time to take our healthy lifestyles outdoors. Sunshine is a terrific way to obtain needed Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps our internal organs perform. Fifteen minutes outside without sunscreen two times a week … MORE

5 Things We Always Regret at the End

by Jane Shafron – In my work as a personal historian, I have a series of questions that I ask at the end of my interviews. I call them my “Reflection Questions” and they involve some of the big questions in … MORE

Women Entrepreneurs are Changing the World

by Kimberly Schramm – In her presentation at the NAWBO-OC Dinner Meeting on May 6, Diane Weklar of the Weklar Business Institute shared statistics about who today’s small business founders are. It seems like most of the news stories about business … MORE

If At First You Don’t Get Coverage, Try, Try Again

by Aneeta Kumar – When an insurer denies a liability claim, don’t just accept it.  Independently evaluate coverage by looking at all of the facts and allegations, and at the entire insurance policy, to identify possible grounds for coverage. A carrier … MORE