The Business of Divorce

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When Life Interrupts Your Business

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The Complexity of Simplicity in What I Do

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Is Your Business on YouTube?

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Five Leading Trends in Marketing

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Feeling Blue and What to Do*

by Sue Parks-   ‘Tis the season to be merry, but for many, the winter months are the hardest. If you or your employees are depressed, it can impact productivity, challenge team dynamics and worse. Depression is a serious health … MORE

A Defense Under Reservation May Be Less Than Expected

When an insurer agrees to defend a policyholder against a lawsuit, the insurer often will assert that it reserves various rights that could have the effect of limiting or denying coverage for the policyholder, and may allow the insurer to … MORE

Questions You Can and Can’t Ask in an Interview

by Brenna Johnson – Hiring new employees is never easy. It takes time and money to find qualified applicants, review their resumes, select your finalists – and then ask meaningful questions to determine which of these individuals is the best fit … MORE

Thanksgiving is Over and I’m Full

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Holiday Tipping, Not Stiffing

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