New Age of Website Domain Names (Is Dot­com Dead?)

by Elisabeth Camaur – Some companies pay big bucks for the right domain name for their websites. Most of us have already acquired our .com. However, a whole new era is emerging. No longer will we be limited to .com, .net, … MORE

Watch Your Social Media Profile Like a Hawk

by Lorie Eber — We entrepreneurs know that an active social media presence is a non­negotiable component of a successful business today. Monitoring and responding to negative posting on sites like Yelp and Facebook is also a must. The power … MORE

Five Ways Your Voice is Costing You Money

by Dr. Miluna Fausch — I am the Magical Muse, Nurturer of the Inner Voice. I have been in love with the voice for as long as I can remember. Did you know that your face contains 57 muscles and … MORE

Are You Elizabeth Taylor?

by Dana Heyde — For decades, women everywhere idolized film siren Elizabeth Taylor. She is often associated with legendary lovers, extravagant jewelry, and humanitarian causes such as AIDS. But did you know she was also a shrewd business women? She … MORE

Take a Digital Selfie and Google Yourself

by Trina Fleming — When people want to find out more about you, more times than not, they will “Google” you. An official verb since 2006, google means to “search the Internet about a person, topic, etc.” The first time … MORE

Always Seek Knowledge

by Michelle Beauchamp — As a sales trainer/coach, I hear business owners and sales pros express concern about their hesitance during discussions with potential clients. The word that describes how they don’t want to appear, or fear being associated with … MORE

On-Line Learning (The Answer for Busy Entrepreneurs)

by Kari Buist-Baker – I’m a great believer in continuing education no matter your stage in life or level of accomplishment. I’ve made it a practice to keep learning over the course of 35+ years, and all my academic experiences were … MORE

Finding Your Purpose

by Barbara Hogan – They say life is a journey. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during mine, it’s that if you pay attention to whatever you’re going through, you’ll start to see a purpose behind it. My journey has moved … MORE

The Business of Divorce

by Dana Heyde – You have an idea for a business and take the entrepreneurial plunge! Then, just when things start picking up at work, life at home falls apart. What happens to your business if you decide to divorce? California … MORE

When Life Interrupts Your Business

by Judy Rose  – What would you do if some event interrupted your ability to take care of your business? What if you were in an accident and couldn’t work for a while? What if a loved one needed you 24/7 … MORE