Where Did I Go?

by Judy Rose – What happens to you when you lose a job or your business fails?  Sooner or later, in every career, some sort of major loss occurs. And when it does, you may find that you lose more than … MORE

Five Traits of Truly Likable People

by Kathy Dawson – Do you know someone who can lift your spirits simply by walking into the room? Someone whose enthusiastic, honest-to-goodness smile brings a smile to your face too? You know the kind of person I mean; the kind … MORE

What is Head of Household?

by Penny Fox – Filing status determines which standard deduction amount and which tax rates are used when calculating a person’s federal income tax for the year. For the year 2014, a person who files as head of household can claim … MORE

A Letter from a Health Insurance Professional

by Cathy Daugherty – Dear Business Owners and Friends, DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING TO YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN? As I finish my latest webinar; my fourth one of the week concerning new laws, regulations, legislation, and updates for Health … MORE

Work-Life Balance or Work-Life Integration?

by Trina Fleming – Perfect equilibrium of work and personal time seems to be a noble goal, but the reality is that I can’t achieve it. Just how would I balance it anyway? There are parts of my job that … MORE

Gone to the Dogs

by Sue Parks – The focus of my business is to help our clients’ employees live healthy and happy lifestyles. If your employees are healthier and happier, your bottom-line is healthier, too. As you know though, human behavior is tricky. We … MORE

A Summer Project for Kids and Grandparents

by Jane Sharon – Grandparents Visiting Over the summer? Make a family history video! Children often only see their grandparents when they visit over the summer. So, here’s an idea: organize the kids to interview grandma and grandpa on video over … MORE

A Lesson from Junk Email

by Kimberly Schramm – For the past several weeks, I have been battling a heavy onslaught of spam in one of my inboxes. I suspect that this address had been sold to one or more offshore spammers. In most cases, I … MORE

Understand and Preserve Your Insurance Policies

by Aneeta Kumar – Your business insurance policies can be valuable assets now and in the future. To obtain their maximum potential benefits, understand your coverages and maintain your polices so they may be accessed easily should the need arise. During … MORE

Minimum Wage Increase as of July 1, 2014 – Hidden Costs for Employers

by Brenna Johnson – On July 1st of this year California’s minimum wage rose from $8.00 an hour to $9.00 an hour. And on Jan. 1, 2016, the minimum wage will climb even higher, to $10.00 an hour. This has legal … MORE